Who I am and why you can learn from my posts.

My education.  My egotistical self evaluation is that I am a low level Renaissance Man.  Philosophy, Medicine and Law.  Very geeky at first.

Graduate John Adams H.S. Cleveland, Ohio.  Concentration in electronics and physics.  A. Average.  Overall “Crappy” C average.

Graduate USN Technical school.  Radioman “A” school. 6 mo. Operation and service of HF shortwave transmitter and receiver radios. 1st in class.

Graduate USN Technical school. Radioman “B” school. 9 mo. Equivalent to AS in Electronics Technology. 3rd in class.

Graduate USN Technical school. The USN advanced version of the German “Enigma” machine.  Called KLB47 / An/SGA3.  1st in class.

Graduate USN Technical school. The USN advanced version of the German “Wolfpack” secret communications system.  Used aboard USN submarines.

Graduate BS in Political Science.  California State University (CSU) at Hayward.  Now renamed CSU East Bay.  Approximate GPA 3.26. If I don’t count the so called Administrative F’s (AF)  which resulted from improper withdrawal from classes, the GPA rises into the 3.7 range.  At times I “cut off my nose to spite my face.”

Graduate American Bar Association Para-Legal Certification. CSU East Bay.

Non-Graduate of BS RN program.  Completed 11/12ths of the program.  Had good grades.  Problems with feminist bigotry.  Explained during blogs. For any RN students my NLN scores were above the 95th percentile.  These are the tests which determine the level of learning/comprehension at the end of a class Pre-nursing GPA 3.96.  I was in the RN program as a mechanism which I was advised to make to overcome the evils of racial and gender quotas.  I was advised to do so by two professors.  Each held doctorate degrees and were on the UCSF Med School Admissions board.  I was advised by the U of NY offshore med school that I would be admitted to their Caribbean Medical School upon completion of the BSRN degree and other pre-med. classes.

Graduate. American Radio Association US Merchant Marine Master Radio Electronics Officer continu9ng education.  Approximately 12 months of training. Classes in digital electronics, Marine Radar, Collision Avoidance Systems, MF/HF/VHF/UHF SW transceiver service and maintenance classes, Satellite Communications Operation-Service-Repair and advanced radio-teletype operation/service/repair.

US FCC Licensure.  Including but not limited to:  Firct Class Radio Telephone. First Class Radio Telegraph. Amateur Radio Extra-Class. Operation and Maintenance of Bridge Communications Console.


Worldly Experiences.

For this blog, I categorize my experiences in accordance with the stages of my life.

Birth to age 17 in the south east parts of Cleveland, Ohio.  Visits to Peterborough, Ontario Canada.

Seventeen to 25 while enlisted in the USN.  (Honorable Discharge.  Recommended for Reenlistment)  A few campaign ribbons.  Completed two “Westpac” cruises. 18 months aboard aircraft carriers Midway and Kitty Hawk in the Tonkin Gulf (Rolling Thunder Operations) and a brief exciting period being “Highlined” from a carrier to an oiler to a minesweeper.  I visited the minesweeper to repair it’s “Enigma” coding machine.  There we traveled the coast of Viet Nam stopping and searching small boats for Viet Cong and illegal cargo.  We were shot at from a distance by small arms fire and could see the light from rifle fire.  This was during Market Time Operations.  If the radiomen aboard that minesweeper read this blog, please contact me.  I don’t remember that vessel’s name and would like to.  One of the radiomen there was a classmate at “RM-A” School and was a catholic kid from the state of Mississippi.  My name at that time was William R. Brennan.  (My father had changed his birth name to that.  I changed my name to his birth name in 1976.  I had unsuccessfully volunteered for Operation Deep Freeze, UDT training (The precursor to the Seals) and for training to be a machine gunner on a helicopter.  I was denied because my vision was not 20-20, I was told.

Twenty Five to Thirty Three (25-33) Leftist political activity and formal university education and civilian employment, in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Most of it in the East S.F. Bay which is primarily Oakland, CA.  United Farm Workers.  VietNam Veterans Against the War, Black Panthers, and the traitorous Venceremos and its splinter terrorist group Symbionese Liberation Army which murdered Markus Foster and kidnapped Patty Hearst.  The senior party members asked if I would like to attend terrorist training school Patrice Lamumba University in Moscow or a similar training camp in Cuba.  Those are interesting stories.  Next I was asked to volunteer to be the communications specialist with the American Aboriginis (So called Indians) at the Wounded Knee shoot out with the FBI.  I was taken aback to learn these people offering to me these situations were communists who advocated the violent overthrow of the government by force of armed rebellion.

Thirty Three plus – to present – a great deal of international travel as a US Merchant Marine Communications and Electronics Officer along the port cities of and mildly inland of the majority of the world’s continents.  N. America. Central America. S. America. Europe. Asia. Middle East. Africa.  I sailed the seven seas plus, and the following but not limited to them – Straits of Magellan, Bering Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.  Visited among many nations, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, Somalia, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Liberia.  Often during rebellions and armed conflict.  Some radio officers were in the CIA and helped to smuggle important people out of among other nations, the Soviet Union, China and East Europe.  One was the communications liason for anti-communist leaders in various central, and south American nations.

“I’ll be bech”







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